Sicilzappa s.n.c.

Sicil Zappa S.n.c. manufactures and sells machines for agriculture.  The new production plant in the S. Giacomo district of Mussomeli (Caltanissetta) deals with the following:

1) supply of raw materials;
2) production of machines and technical articles;
3) marketing, import and export of agricultural machines and technical articles.

At Sicil Zappa S.n.c., we make the following promises:

• to maintain compliance with all current laws and regulations on environmental matters; 

• to pursue continuous improvement with the aim of reducing environmental affects to a level that corresponds to the economically practical application of the best technologies available’

To this end, and following an in-depth initial environmental analysis of production in the island plant, Sicil Zappa S.n.c. has identified priority areas of intervention and sets itself the following aims:

• to implement an Environmental Management System in line with all UNI EN ISO 14001 requirements and, where possible, to apply models that will integrate with the Quality System and Safety System;

• to provide the public with all information necessary to better understanding the affects of the company’s activities on the environment, with a view to open dialogue;

• to promote employee responsibility on all levels towards the protection of the environment and the development of staff training and information programmes;

• to ensure cooperation with the public authorities;

• to be aware of their suppliers’ environmental management;

• to evaluate introducing new raw and auxiliary materials into production, where these are more environmentally compatible than those currently in use;

• to evaluate the environmental impacts of new processes and changes to existing plants, in advance;

• to prevent and moderate the impact of the company’s work on soil and underground water;

• to control and reduce the impact on surface water and local purifier;

• to control and reduce the release of polluting emissions into the atmosphere;

• to improve the management of all waste produced, with specific attention to hazardous waste; 

• to take all steps necessary to reduce the environmental impact of emergency situations;

• to control quantities and types of raw and auxiliary materials and finished products, for a correct definition of environmental indicators.

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